Is the Freshman Fifteen Real?

Lemme sit y’all down for a reality check.

For those of you who frequently work-out and go to the gym, I can assure you that all of you will be fine. But for the rest of us normal people who don’t exercise much… yeah, we’re in trouble.

Moving into college means that you don’t have your parents deciding what you get to eat everyday. You pick for yourself. There’s no one here to watch you calorie intake except for yourself and there’s no one here to tell you, Another slice of pizza is probably a bad idea, dude.

In order to really avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen, you really have to watch what you eat and limit yourself when it comes to eating junk food and sweets. Take it from me, sweets, junk food, and ice cream are all too easily accessible to the average college student so you really have to be careful. Also, if you’re far away from home and your friends want to go off-campus to have dinner at a new restaurant that you’ve never been to before, it’s all too easy to mindlessly treat yo’self to big, greasy plates of whatever it is you ordered. Be mindful of what you order and of what you buy for yourself.

In order to avoid the extra pounds, it might help to keep a food journal which is basically a record of all the food you’ve eaten every day. My mom used to do this to keep track of her eating habits so that she could figure out what unhealthy foods to cut out of her diet.

In the beginning of my freshman year, I used to really struggle when it came to limiting myself with buying sweets. Now what I typically do is switch into a health guru during the week and I treat myself on the weekend if I go out with some friends.

My roommates just eat whatever they want and then go to the gym later that day.

There are a lot of options that you can take in order to avoid the freshman fifteen and your college/university most likely provides many options to help you stay healthy. You could always go talk to a counselor or to the gym to see if you could get a trainer or a dietitian to help you.


Good luck to you all!



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