Take Care of Yourself

Hi y’all,

Now I know that midterms season is over now and that there are a few weeks left before finals week. Now, if anything, would be a great time to take a moment and “put yourself back together”. This is a great time to de-stress. Normally, after midterm season I take a day or two to recharge my batteries.

I took this opportunity to visit my family back home during the weekend. I also went around and visited a few of my friends. It’s important to give yourself some time to relax after a period of intense stress. It’s not healthy for one to continue pushing through multiple stressful periods all at once; you’ll burn out and crash. Find something that will minimize your stress; if you can’t visit your family, go to the beach, go to a museum, go to the gym, go see a movie, etc. It’s the time to treat yo’self!

But it’s also important to note that a relaxation period should not last longer than a day or two because you still have responsibilities to take care of. You’re not done with the quarter/semester. You still have waves of papers and exams to go through and then you can be done. So after you’ve taken your day to recharge, get back into your study routine! You have exams to ace!




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