Finding Your Ideal Study Space

Hi y’all,

Sometimes it’s difficult trying to find a space that is effective for you to study. I struggled a lot to figure out what worked best for me at first. In high school, I typically studied in the dining room with my brother quietly sitting across from me. When I tried to study in my dorm for the first time, it was a disaster. My roommates continued to walk in and out of the room, it was too loud, and they played their music loudly. I asked them to stop, but to no avail. I then tried to study in the library, but it was too quiet and made me feel very uncomfortable. Plus, it wasn’t close to any dining halls, so I couldn’t just leave to grab a quick bite and then come back.

I talked to a few of my suitemates about my dilemma because I wanted to know if they studied somewhere else. One of them suggested that coffee shops can be an effective work space, but you can only typically stick around for a few hours. I took his advice and went off-campus to do some homework and I found myself enjoying the different scenery. It was quiet, relaxed, and stress-free. It was great.

If your resident hall or library are inefficient for you, try to find a small, secluded space away from all of the hubbub. Sometimes a different scene is the best option.



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